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My career began “on the tools” with the tree gang in Ealing in 1980. Senior roles in the public, charity and commercial sectors followed and in October 2011 I became an independent consultant offering advice on a broad range of topics to a wide customer base, from the private householder to multi-site, multi-function support service providers.

Instructions, at all scales and in all sectors, have ranged from individual tree inspections to enterprise wide tree surveys, hazard assessments, health and safety advice, the preparation of tender documents and arboricultural method statements, development site tree surveys and assessments, lecturing to arboricultural students and the preparation of management strategies.

I am a forestry graduate from Bangor, and have been a Fellow Member of the Arboricultural Association since 1994.

For a current cv please see 2018 11 cv

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Jonathan

    Further to your post on uktc regarding Decompacting in Oundle.

    We would love to help. We operate Air Spades and deep soil Air Probes (Vogt) which work down to 1 metre.

    With both we can add the full range of soil ameliorants.

    We also offer a mulching and chestnut fencing service to protect aerated areas.

    Please call 01277849990 to discuss or send an email with details.

    Kind regards


    • Thanks Robert,
      I apologise for the delayed response, I’ve passed your details on to my contact Nick Tebbs, I hope he will find the time to make contact.

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