My fourth anniversary

2104 – 15 was a good year in the fortunes of Jonathan Hazell independent arboricultural consultancy although the first two quarters of 2015 – 16 have been steady.   New clients have emerged, and some old friends have reappeared, I have also had the opportunity to pass prospects on to those who have been kind enough to support me in the past.

My work remains cyclical as I seek to help my clients meet their deadlines, I’ve given up trying to manage the peaks but have learned to ride the troughs!   Some projects are closed out when the ink is wet on my report, others have a considerable shelf-life – more swings and roundabouts.

Some diversity this year as I have assumed the arms-length role of Tree Officer – the position was difficult for the local planning authority to fill as the need was quite slight, perhaps only one day a week, but the professional requirement was for someone with suitable skills and experience to comment upon a range of enquiries.

Other roles have remained, writing a column for one of the trade magazines and a broad client base of developers, architects, local authorities, multi-site multi-service civil engineers, and loyal customers of good local tree care contractors.

I will continue to offer independent arboricultural advice and so, as this time last year, I reckon I will be able to help you with most enquiries.

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