My fifth anniversary

2016 has been the best year to date, turnover-wise, for Jonathan Hazell independent arboricultural consultancy: I was set up for the year by a chance enquiry to a fellow Tree Officer on how to deal with a particular issue, which resulted in four months’ local locum work, not always challenging but always enjoyable and very well paid.

Some existing strong relationships have been maintained – my regular column in ProARB magazine, giving advice to valued customers and friends over the phone in response to specific circumstances is always a pleasure, and being able to visit a wide range of development sites for other customers is always interesting: a couple of those sites even had trees on!

Other relationships have blossomed over the year, to our mutual benefit I hope.   One such, which again arose through serendipity, was to become the retained tree consultant at a nearby school which has always been a most entertaining challenge.   Another was to develop my relationship with an existing client and to increase the spread of work that I could deliver routinely on their behalf.

Highlights have included an address about tree protection to the members of a nearby district council’s Planning Committee, fortunately that followed my attendance at two very well delivered training days on the same topic!   Another unusual instruction has been to act as marriage broker for the owners of a successful arboricultural business as they look to withdraw and hand their legacy on to new owners.

As I have said before my role is to help my clients and so my work remains cyclical as I try to support my customers as they try to meet their deadlines, I’ve given up trying to manage the peaks but have learned to ride the troughs.   Some projects are closed out when my report is submitted (or more likely when my bill is paid), others have a considerable shelf-life – more swings and roundabouts.

I continue to offer independent arboricultural advice and with each passing year I hope my product improves, so, as this time last year, don’t hesitate to make contact and I will see if I will be able to help you with your enquiry.

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