Tree reports

I look at trees and make judgements, and then commit those thoughts to paper for you as my client.

I write reports, I hope that they are crisp and that the narrative flows through from beginning to end.

What sort of reports?

Development site tree surveys:

I can provide advice and guidance on tree-related issues that may arise if you want to extend your house or erect a new building.

The local planning authority will require evidence that you have made adequate provision for the long-term welfare of the trees that are to be retained, and this can usually be met by the preparation of a report that meets the requirements of BS5837: 2012.

This report is best prepared at the outset to prevent time and money being wasted applying for a development with significant yet poorly considered tree-related implications.

Enterprise wide tree surveys:

I can survey large tree populations to address your common duty of care, and prepare work programmes that can help you to manage your liabilities as the tree owner.

The outputs will be delivered in an agreed “client ready” format to suit your needs.

Individual tree assessments

I can assess a broad range of attributes for individual trees as part of your collection and prepare sympathetic management prescriptions that will address your tree owner’s duty of care, as well as any wider ambitions you may have, for example to manage the landscape or to reveal and restore the heritage of a site for example.
The outputs will be delivered in an agreed “client ready” format to suit your needs.